Volunteer of the Month

About the SEARCH Volunteer of the Month program:

The SEARCH Volunteer of the Month is a student volunteer that is nominated each month for having demonstrated any or all of the following:

  • a continued commitment to the SEARCH organization,
  • excellence in volunteering,
  • exceptional involvement in other SEARCH programs, and/or
  • has positively impacted the community.

SEARCH Volunteer of the Month


Past Volunteers of the Month

April 2018 – Riley Hubick

March 2018 – Shayla Fedorchuk

February 2018 – Danielle Major

January 2018 – Matthew Pechey

December 2017 – Alexa McEwen

November 2017 – Natalia Poitras 

October 2017 – Friedrich Morhart

September 2017 – Mia Omara

August 2017 – Saria Jabbar