Programs & Services

SEARCH has two teams comprised of student volunteers and mentors at each shift. These teams include the social team and the clinical team.

The Social Team: During a SEARCH shift, this team is comprised of students and mentors from all disciplines. Typically first year students in all disciplines will be assigned as a part of this team until their scope of practice increases with their education. These students prepare and facilitate social activities like; preparing snacks, serving drinks, providing childcare and child care programs, programming during the shift for adults like health education, fun and interesting workshops for clients, and engage in social conversations with local residents to build relationships and learn more about what the community would like to see during SEARCH shifts.

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The Clinical Team: During a SEARCH shift, this team is comprised of a physician mentor and students in health care professions including: medicine, nursing, social work, physical therapy, pharmacy, and kinesiology. These students will be in their final years of education and volunteer according to their scope of practice. Students from these disciplines may also want to volunteer as a part of the social team. Clinical activities during clinic hours include: assessment, charting, treatment, referral, education, counselling, support, and advocacy.

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Both of these teams work to provide all of the programs and services that are offered to clients. This allows SEARCH to offer holistic health care from an interdisciplinary team approach.