How to Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at SEARCH:

Volunteering can be a very rewarding process! By volunteering at SEARCH, students are provided with the opportunity to develop skills, network with health professionals, and learn about community development and programming. Everyone has the ability to make change and whether you want to volunteer a couple times or on a long-term basis, SEARCH allows you to use your abilities in a real world setting.

Role of Student Volunteers:

Students representing many disciplines are involved in SEARCH including Nursing, Medicine, Social Work, Kinesiology, Education, Arts & Science and more! Students participate in both the social and medical sides of the clinic while at SEARCH and are responsible for implementing health related programming under the guidance of professional mentors. Examples of student roles while working at the clinic include:

  • Greeting clients at the door and tracking statistics
  • Working in the kitchen preparing and serving meals for clients
  • Observing adult counselling appointments
  • Participating in a women’s talking circle
  • Facilitating health related programming (literacy, cooking, etc.)
  • Supervising and participating in children’s programming
  • Shadowing and doing initial assessments of clients in the medical clinic

Curious about what what a typical shift looks like? Watch the SEARCH Virtual Clinic Tour to learn more!

To Get Started Volunteering:

To begin, students need to download, read, and follow the instructions for getting signed up in the Volunteer Sign-Up Guide. You will need to attend an orientation, complete some paperwork, and register for a free course or get confirmation from your institution to volunteer. Detailed instructions are all in the above linked document for your convenience.

Volunteer Guide (2)

Questions? Contact the SEARCH Executive Director at for help registering and completing the required documentation.


SEARCH Student Volunteer Handbook

Copy of Volunteer Guide

To Sign up for Shifts:
To sign up for upcoming shifts and your orientation at SEARCH please visit the Current Volunteers page. Follow the instructions found in Appendix C of the SEARCH Volunteer Sign Up Guide.