Board of Directors

SEARCH is governed by a student board of directors. As a non-profit and charitable organization, the SEARCH Board of Directors are responsible for governing the organization and fulfilling their elected portfolios.

We are always welcoming new board and committee members! Each position is listed below, and all vacant positions marked. Already know you’re interested in joining the board? Complete this form and submit either by e-mail to or in-person at the next meeting of the board. If you have any questions about what it really takes, or how the board will benefit you, call Emily at 306-570-6208, or e-mail Sarah at

ChairSEARCH Executive 

Chairperson – directs board meetings, sends out agendas before each board meeting, is designated to  be the executive member to work with Executive Director in regards to and questions, grievances. Can vote on motions.

Past Chair – assists the chairperson, and supports the new chair as they learn their new role. Ensures continuity to the organization through his or her recent experience as Chair.

Co-Chairperson – chairs board meetings in the absence of Chairperson. Able to make executive decisions in absence of the Chairperson.

Secretary – take minutes at Executive meetings and sends minutes to coordinator to be sent to members before each board meeting. Can vote on motions.

Treasurer (Application Received) – reviews budget in conjunction with accountant/Executive Director and gives financial reports at board meetings. Can vote on motions.

SEARCH Committees

Programming Committee (Chair, vacant) 

The Programming Committee consists of a student as Chairperson and those Members interested in developing programming for the clinic. This Committee makes decisions regarding clinic programs and is responsible to the SEARCH Board of Directors. Members of this committee are interested in corresponding with community members. The Programming Committee meets at least once per month to plan social and health related programs for the clinic and community for SEARCH. They also plan, facilitate, and attend any community/promotional events.

Community Liaison/Public Relations Committee (Chair, vacant)

The Public Relations Committee consists of a student as Chairperson and Members interested in increasing public awareness of SEARCH. This Committee is responsible to create and/or order all SEARCH advertising and promotional material and distribute advertising material with the aid of the appropriate SEARCH members. The Public Relations Committee meets at least once per month to organize media strategies, assist with maintenance and make recommendations for the SEARCH website, create/make recommendations for the marketing and communications of all SEARCH activities. This Committee is also responsible for attending meetings of various community groups and organizing joint initiatives with community groups.

Fundraising & Grants Committee (Chair, vacant)

The Grants Committee consists of a student as Chairperson and Members interested in submitting grants and proposals for SEARCH. This Committee is responsible for writing grant proposals, lobbying the government and the university administration, and creating materials to support funding proposals. The Fundraising/Grants Committee shall meet at least once per month to: complete applications and presentations to potential donors, provincial and federal governments, granting agencies and foundations, plan events to raise money for SEARCH, develop an annual fundraising strategy, including goals, timelines, donor recognition and the image the SEARCH presents to potential donors. To identify contacts who might be potential supporters.

Volunteer Retention/Faculty Liaison Committee (Chair, vacant)

The Faculty Committee consists of a Student as Chairperson and Members interested in developing programming for the clinic. Faculty representatives from each college/university are invited to attend all Faculty Committee meetings and upon request, as necessary. Faculty representatives shall attend at least two General Meetings per year. This committee shall formalize correspondence between SEARCH Board of Directors and faculty representatives regarding the workings of SEARCH as they relate to each college/university. The Faculty Committee meets at least once per month. This committee is also be responsible for the recruitment and retention of all student and mentor volunteers. This is potentially through volunteer/career fairs, faculty liaison, etc.

Policy Committee (Chair, vacant)

The Policy Committee consists of a student as Chairperson and Members interested in contributing to the functioning of SEARCH. This Committee deals with the legal and organizational structure of SEARCH, including but not limited to: policy, bylaws, amendments. The Policy Committee meets at least once per month to: develop policies for SEARCH as required and an ongoing basis as the organization evolves, develop and revise scopes of practice for the existing colleges represented, and future colleges, develop and make amendments to the bylaws and constitution of SEARCH, and works in close relations with stakeholders to ensure specific protocols are adhered to.

Clinical Liaison Committee (Chair, vacant)

The Clinical Liaison Committee consists of a student as Chairperson and Members interested in clinical functioning.  This committee is responsible for but not limited to: developing and maintaining clinical resources and tools, organizing clinical flow, recruitment and retention of health professional mentors and students, creating and maintaining clinical safety protocols; as well as, continuing and strengthening correspondence between health colleges at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  This committee shall be accountable to the SEARCH Council. The Clinical Liaison Committee shall meet at least once per month.

To view current board and committee member biographies, please click here.