“SEARCH is a student run, interdisciplinary primary health care initiative situated in Regina. Our goal is to provide access to social and clinical programs in an after-hours, clinical setting to bridge the gaps in service for diverse populations.”

External Vision

“The community has achieved improved health and wellbeing through equitable, accessible programming delivered by an interdisciplinary collaborative of students and mentors.”

Internal Vision

“SEARCH students and mentors are leaders and champions of collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to professional practice.”


SEARCH guides all actions and decisions based on their values of:

  • Compassion – Caring relationships built upon respect, empathy and active listening in an atmosphere of warmth and belonging.
  • Continuous Learning – Our commitment to quality through ongoing development, improvement and evaluation of ourselves, our team and our services.
  • Wholistic1 View – Supporting individuals, families and the community as a whole (physical, spiritual, emotional and mental) through an approach that is accepting, inclusive and honours the stories of others.
  • Collaboration – Working together as a team in a respectful way where diverse ideas are shared, varied skills and perspectives are valued and the contributions of all are recognized.
  • Strength – Our positive approach which focuses on the strengths and assets of others to empower them to make the best decisions as experts in their own lives.

1 Terms used to incorporate First Nations values into the organization’s approach to health  care. Also referred to as ‘holistic’.