What is SEARCH?

SEARCH (Student Energy in Action in Regina for Community Health) is a student run, interdisciplinary primary health care initiative situated in the North Central community of Regina. SEARCH has many student volunteers, professional mentors, and partners, and our pool is constantly growing. SEARCH volunteers have built relationships and they serve over 1200 clients each year. Each shift SEARCH provides an informal, drop-in clinic, which also provides healthy snacks and beverages, childcare, and a warm and safe environment. SEARCH offers health related programs and activities targeted towards needs identified by community members.

Members of SEARCH recognize the intrinsic value of all people and their right to high quality health care. As future health care professionals, they strive to

  • understand the social determinants of health,
  • the principles of primary health care, and
  • the importance of socially responsive health promotion.

SEARCH’s vision is based on local priorities, as determined through extensive communication with community groups and health professionals. SEARCH provides an invaluable and sustainable link between students, health care professionals, community based organizations, Saskatchewan post secondary institutions, and the community.

Students benefit by gaining practical experience in an interdisciplinary setting and through exposure to unique clinical circumstances. The community has access to an after hours, holistic approach to primary health care delivery. Within this mutually beneficial environment, opportunities exist to diminish barriers to health care, improve community relations, and make Regina a healthier place for all.

Benefits of Student Run Clinics: 

Interdisciplinary student run clinics in Canada have been found to be beneficial in being able to provide effective patient-centred care to communities. These organizations not only are able to serve their communities, but also foster the learning of future healthcare professionals. By providing students with collaborative, community-based learning opportunities students and community members mutually gain. Benefits to community based learning includes developing socially accountable future health professions, developing leadership and management skills among students, and the fostering of connections between different health system partners. This is particularly true with underserved communities (Holmqvist, Courtney, Meili, & Dick, 2012).

As a student run, non-profit organization, we require student and mentor volunteers to offer our programs and services. As a volunteer at SEARCH, you can join the team in our after-hours clinic, for special events and projects, community awareness activities, public relations on and off campus, administrative duties, and/or on one of the SEARCH committees or executive positions.